The Eskan Company is wholly owned at 100% by the Cree Nation of Mistissini. The Eskan Company, in turn, owns at 100% interest in the Makaahiikan Construction Inc., the Eenatuk Forestry Corporation, and the Mistissini Ataawaaukamikw Inc. 

The expectations of the Eskan Company and its subsidiaries are to acquire work within and outside of the community, to generate profits and create employment.

As a first step, we need to recognize that these companies belong to us, the Cree members of the Cree Nation of Mistissini. Our actions and decisions must consider our companies.



The Eskan Company and its subsidiaries provide the following services, but are not limited to the services in the differing sectors and industries: 

  • Eskan Company: Remote Site management: Catering & Janitorial services;
  • Eenatuk: Slashing, Tree planting, Scarification, Camp Construction, Road Construction;
  • Makaahiikan: Building Works, Road Maintenance, Hauling, and Technical camp Maintenance;
  • Mistissini Ataawaaukamikw Inc.: Retail Store in Hardware, Tools, Paint, Electrical, Plumbing,  Lawn & Garden, Automotive, Sporting Goods, Housewares, Stationery,  Toys, Pet Food & Supplies, Domestics, Apparel and Crafts.


About Eskan

  • Eskan Company is an investment of the Cree Nation of Mistissini;
  • As well the Eskan Company must protect in trust, the investments into other business areas;
  • The companies aim for self sufficiency;
  • Therefore, each company must establish an economic base and produce a positive bottom line to support its operations;
  • The Eskan Company will continue to progress through the business environment in which it operates. The growth and financial stability will remain a constant goal, but The Eskan Company requires the assistance of the owners and decision makers alike.


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